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Team News 10B Saturday May 28 V's Bosco
This week we played Bosco at home and after working hard at training this week, the boys were pumped for the game.
The Brumbies looked dangerous right from the kick-off and in the third minute Ryan W seized an opportunity and kicked a brilliant goal. Two minutes later it was Lachlan R’s turn and he took full advantage of the opportunity to score a great goal.  These early goals really lifted the spirits of the Brumbies. The fullbacks; Eugene, Lachlan S and Sam, all looked determined to keep the Bosco kids out of Brumbies’ territory. The mids; Jack, Andy and Ryan O, were working hard to win the battle of midfield and push the ball through to the forwards. In the 9th minute Lachlan R pushed a pass to Jackson, who found the back of the net with a well-directed kick. Not long after, Lachlan R set-up another goal with a great pass to Andy, who fired a ball straight past the keeper. Matt did very well in goals in the first half with some confident decisions when clearing the ball from the goal area. Blake took a turn in goals in the second half and picked up where Matt had left off putting in a solid performance with the gloves by making some difficult saves look easy. 
Bosco at times showed some skilful ball control and on several occasions threatened to score as they dribbled the ball towards the Brumbies’ goal. But the Brumbies defence was up for the challenge in particular Eugene, who shutdown the attack and pushed the ball back towards the Bosco end. Sam and Matt both showed some real skill by anticipating and intercepting the ball as Bosco tried to get out of their half. 
After the Brumbies attack earned them a corner, Lachlan S positioned himself just outside the Bosco box and pounced on a stray ball to send it soaring into the net.  
The Brumbies kept trying to score right until the end of the match with Ryan O scoring the final goal with a snappy kick that sent the ball high into the net.
All in all, it was a great performance by the boys. There were some exciting goals, accurate passing and some good marking in defence. 
Job well done Brumbies.

Team News W6B Saturday May 21 V's Bosco
What a great game we had against Bosco this week. It was a closely matched game with our girls all showing a variety of skills and playing hard all the way to the end of the match. We only had 5 players this week as Eve was unwell but the five girls all put in 100% effort when they were on the field. Georgia was fabulous with dribbling, taking the ball towards our goal and shooting for goal, Christina was brilliant in defence and also did some great passes, Felicity showed great speed and good kicking skills, Mila helped in defence and Lani did some great passing and defending this week. All of the girls had big smiles on their faces at the end of the match and had a fun time playing. Congratulations to our Girl of the Game, Georgia and Christina for getting the Sports Award. Keep it up girls.
Team News 6H Saturday May 21
Another wonderful game boys. You are always so enthusiastic and eager to play! We only had one sub this week, so you all needed to work a little bit harder - and you did! It was great to see some of the fantastic passing and dribbling skills. There were a few great goals and some near misses. I am so impressed that you all improving each week. Don't forget to focus and listen to the umpire and Coach Peter when you are playing. Brilliant dribbling and chasing down the ball by our player of the week - Alex.
Team News 10B Saturday May 21 V's Cronulla Seagulls
The boys took on the Cronulla Seagulls this week at Woolooware.
In the opening minutes the ball remained in the middle of the field as the two teams attempted to force the other back into their own halves. Having settled from the earlier exchanges, Bangor looked to have the upper hand as the Bangor full backs, Eugene, Blake and Lachlan S kept intercepting the ball and shutting down the Seagulls attack. Such was the strength of the Bangor backs that Ryan O only had a few touches of the ball while in goals.
Sam, Andy, Ryan W and Matt did their best to win the battle of the midfield and provide good service to Jack and Lachlan R up front. When Ryan W was tripped and brought down in the Seagulls box, he earned the Brumbies a free kick. However, the Seagulls defended their goal with a well-constructed wall that saw the Brumbies push the ball wide of the goal.
Jack and Lachlan R had a few chances to score while playing up front, but to the Seagulls credit they managed to contain the Bangor forwards attack by forcing the ball out or giving away corners.
The second half was a similar affair to that of the first with Bangor seeming to be the dominant side. Sam, of whom swapped positions with Ryan O in goals, showed some real confidence with the gloves and did very well to shut down any half chances.
After a solid effort in the first half, Lachlan S played extremely well again in the second. Lachlan S was tireless in defence and on several occasions took on the opposition by skilfully dribbling the ball from the Bangor halfway line down to the Seagulls box. His classy and skilful performance earned Lachlan S player of the match this week. Well Done Lachlan S, keep up the good work.
When the full time whistle blew, it had proven to be a competitive and entertaining match with both teams putting in a solid performance. Murray was pleased with the effort from the Brumbies overall this week, but the hunger and desperation shown a few weeks back against Oyster Bay was at another level. Boys, let’s get ourselves back to that level of intensity and show our next opponents that we came to play.
Well done boys.

Team News W11A Saturday May 21 V's Engadine Eagles
We had another gorgeous warm Saturday for soccer. Indianna had a sore knee so with her in goals we had a change up in our mids and forwards line up, so it took the girls a little while to settle into their positions. We held the Eagles in there half of the field for a good part of the first half and they defended their goal really well, with their goalie saving many shots at goal. But it was a perfectly positions over the goalies head kick from Georgia that saw us score our only goal for today. Second half we had Madi in goals who saved a few great goals. The Eagles kept the pressure on us for the full 25 minutes and it was only in the last few minutes that we could no longer hold them off and with them scoring 2 quick goals, this unfortunately didn’t leave us enough time to level the game back up.  All of the girls put in as they usually do and can hold their heads high. Sophie was clearly our girl of the game today with her strong kicks from the back field. As always looking forward to watching these amazing girls next Saturday… Go Brumbies!
Team News 7H Saturday May 21 V's St Patrick's
A home game last Saturday was the location for our match against St Pats Sutherland. It was a great match with 3 brilliant goals scored by Emery. St Pats gave us a great match scoring 2 late goals, and it was the efforts from all the boys through out the game that stopped St Pats from winning.
Coach Brian was happy with all the ball skills shown from the players, and congratulated them on their efforts.

Goal Keeper Training
Sessions are limited to 15 participants ONLY. Sessions will also run weekly unless notified otherwise.  The Bangor FC will only run the Goal Keeping training with a minimum of 5 Goal Keepers. We have One Touch Football Academy who will be running the professional coaching. Gabriel Koliomihos will be conducting the training sessions. Gabriel is a professional Goal Keeper with the Sydney United FC & is paving out a successful professional soccer career as a number 1 Goal Keeper. Gabriel will focus on all aspects of Goal Keeping & development of players skills & techniques over the five week training period.


President's Message May 12, 2016
We are now well into the football season and I hope everyone is enjoying their time with the Brumbies, especially with the fantastic weather we have been having. Let's hope it continues .
At the recent general meeting of clubs it was voted NOT to play a catch up game for the Sunday teams on the Monday of the Queens Bday  weekend, leaving it open for the junior teams if a Saturday is washed out prior to this public holiday.
Also discussed was the high number of send offs over the past weeks. Don't let a rush of blood cost you to miss out on games and leave your team short . Bangor has always had a good reputation with the SSFA and we would like to keep it that way, as well as keeping our players on the field .
We have been asked to remind teams playing at the synthetic fields at Kirrawee  that only players and officials are allowed on the pitch , all spectators must stay behind the fences , and please don't leave rubbish behind. We are lucky to have these facilities and if we don't look after them council may restrict our use of them.
Junior teams photos will take place on Saturdays of the 21st & 28th of May. As soon as the draw is out for these dates we will notify managers of the schedules and will proceed regardless of weather, as we cant change dates with photographer. 
Well done to all our mini roo coordinators. They are doing an outstanding job guiding our young players around the park and I know everyone appreciates the time you put in to ensure the games run smoothly.
When ever you get something from BBQ on Saturdays at Billa and the Ridge, dont forget to thank the great people from the Menai Baptist Church for volunteering  their time.This is their third year with us and they do an outstanding job so don't be shy, introduce yourselves to them and have a chat .
Good luck to all teams 
Steve Warren

Ground Control Duties
Each weekend a lot of activities need to happen at the right time for the games to run smoothly, your participation is vital to making this happen.
For example grounds need to be setup, changed and packed up, BBQ needs to be setup and manned (Sunday teams only), team managers and ground control needs to be visible.
The wearing of yellow and orange vests by the team manager and ground control is a requirement of the Sutherland Shire Football Association and is to make it easy for officials (referees, Association and clubs) to locate the responsible people when required.
Ground Control duties include being a point of contact for the referees if some thing needs attention (line marking, goal net repairs etc), ensuring spectators stay back from the side line and don't stand near the goals, be present in the crowd to help keep things calm (simply being there is usually all that is required).
It is your club and your help in making the weekend activities run smoothly is appreciated by all.
See the links below for details of the Clubs expectation of teams participation in making everything run smoothly. 


U6-U7 4 30PM to 5 30PM
U8-U9 5 35PM to 6 35PM
U10-U11 6 40PM to 7 40PM
U12,U13 & W14 7 45PM to 8 45PM

SSFA Information App
The Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA) has purchased a new APP called Gopha that we will be using to disseminate information in a more efficient and effective manner.
There are numerous categories within the APP that will cover everything from wet weather, representative football, coaching courses and Fixtures, Results and Tables for competition teams.
The APP can be tailored to suit your needs.  So for example, if you have no connection with Sunday Senior football, this can be turned off through Settings/ My Profile/ SSFA/ and then turn each page on or off.  And it even has the ability to be set to another language!
Below is a link to the installation guide. It is free to download and available for iPhones and Androids.
Please encourage all players, coaches, managers, parents and supporters to download our new Gopha APP



Code of Behaviour
We would like to remind all Coaches, Managers, Parents, Carers and Players of the Codes of Behaviour, in particular the Parents Code of Behaviour, and what we as a club expect from all those who are involved with this great club.

Bangor FC was established in 1987 and now has one of the best reputations throughout the Shire. Our reputation includes that of being a ‘family club’. We always strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity, and our conduct and behaviour must reflect these standards.
The Committee will not tolerate any behaviour that does not comply with the Codes and with the high standard of behaviour expected.

The abuse of children will not be tolerated. The abuse of referees will not be tolerated.
•    Children participate in sport for their enjoyment, not yours,
•    Focus on your child’s efforts and performance rather than whether      they win or lose,
•    Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game
•    Respect the referee’s decision (even if it is incorrect) and teach the children to do the same,
•    Encourage children to play according to the rules and to settle disagreements without resorting to hostility or violence
•    Encourage children to participate, but do not force them
•    Show appreciation for all volunteer coaches, managers and referees – without them there would be no weekend sport for your child to participate in
•    Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every child (player and referee) regardless of their individual playing ability, cultural background or religion, and
•    Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from this club.
If anyone has any questions about what is expected of them please ask a Committee member, or you can review the codes on our website or on the SSFA website

Bangor FC

Concussion in Recreational Sport
A major issue in all recreational sport in recent times has been what to do in the event of a player suffering a concussion. Concussion is a serious issue and we all have a responsibility for the safety of our players. Please see the link below for a guideline on what we should do in the event, that we believe someone may have suffered a concussion.


Bangor FC Approved Merchandise
Please go to the catalogue below to view and purchase available items.
Orders to be emailed to or handed in at the Club's canteen at either Billa Oval or The Ridge. Orders are to include full name, contact number, email address, item number, item size and quantity.
Please note that delivery is approximately 2 weeks from order date.




No Smoking at Sporting Venues
Please be aware of the recently introduced non smoking regulations at sporting venues. Non Smoking signs have been put up at Billa Oval and at The Ridge fields in the designated non smoking areas. Please see below:

Please be aware that NSW Health - Tobacco Compliance Officers will now be issuing fines to people found smoking at sporting events.
Smoking has been banned at sport venues in spectator areas since 7 January 2013 under the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000.
Club members and spectators are still saying that they are not aware of the new regulation and have not been advised by their club.
Unfortunately this excuse will not prevent the individual from receiving a fine but there is a need for clubs to reinforce the awareness of this new regulation.
The fine for smoking at a sporting event is $550 to the individual smoker.
View the following for more information and to order resources to help increase awareness:
No Smoking at Sportgrounds Factsheet
Football NSW Smoking Ban update
Free Signs - Order Form


Player's Equipment Policy
Football NSW has recently consolidated all its rules and regulations in respect of playing equipment into one document known as the "Player’s Equipment Policy".
The purpose of the Players Equipment Policy is to elaborate on the current rules of FIFA, FFA and Football NSW and to emphasise the recent decision made by the International Football Association Board to allow the wearing of the Hijab in football matches.
A copy of the policy can be found at the link below




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