Child Protection

Football NSW have issued a revised version of the “Working With Children policy”.

The main points to be aware of are as follow:

The policy applies to all Football NSW affiliated clubs, associations, branches, referees, officials, coaches, managers, technical directors, volunteers and participants for 2018 and onwards.
Which volunteers need a Check?
  • Volunteer parents or close relatives coaching or managing their own child’s team and all referees will require a WWC number
  • All coaches and managers for under 18 years teams will need WWC check.
  • Roo ball referees unless over 18 years will not need a WWC check.
  • All standby referees/club referees for under 18-year teams will need WWC to check a relevant for ridge stand by refs on Saturdays.
  • All committee members require a WWC check
Referees will now have until 30 June 2019 to obtain their WWC number- this is more relevant to official/black&white referees.
The ONLY EXCEPTION is for persons under 18 years old.
Note: The WWC number last 5 years and will be verified by BFC using WWC numbers on the My Football club Portal.

Please contact the below Child Protection Officer(s) of Bangor FC for any related matters:
Hayley Warren Phone: 0430 417433    

Click here to access the NSW Government 'Working With Children Website"




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