Club history

Prior to 1987, the local club in the Menai area was called ‘Hawks United’. In 1987 Hawks United split to become Menai Hawks, which were based at Buckle Reserve, and our club, Bangor Hawks, which had their home ground at Billa Rd.
In our first season, Bangor had a committee of 7, with 87 registered players in 9 teams. The 8C & 8G teams were premiers. The club continued to use the name Bangor Hawks until 1990 when, to differentiate ourselves from the Menai club, the name changed to Bangor Junior Soccer Club and adopted the ‘Brumbies’ as its logo.
1991 saw the committee expand to 13 and registrations increase to 312 players in 29 teams. In 1993 the club won its first senior premiership with the 35C team achieving this feat.
Our first all-female team was formed in 1996. In 2000 the W16A team became the first girl's team to win a premiership and this was followed up in 2003 with our SWF team being the first senior women’s team to win a competition.
In 2005 we finally won our first All Age competition with the AL5 team becoming premiers.
In 2008 the club changed its name to Bangor Football Club, and it was also the 2008 season that saw the club’s best performance, winning 7 premierships.
2010 saw registrations reach a record 797 players in 64 teams, and the committee had increased to 24.
Bangor celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017.


Bangor FC Constitution

The Bangor FC constitution has been approved and adopted by the members of the Club. A copy of the constitution can be found at the link below.
Click here to review the Bangor FC Constitution


Life Members 

The Bangor Football Club would like to formally acknowledge its life members for their outstanding contributions, personal sacrifice and dedication to our club and the community:

  • Lyn Whitehouse               1991 
  • Garry Whitehouse            1991
  • Neil Hockings                   1996
  • Barry Jones                      1997
  • Phil McGregor                  1998
  • Phil Jowett                        1999
  • Jenny Weir                        2001
  • Graeme Morris                  2003
  • Jim Stafford                       2005
  • Mark Green                        2005
  • Doug Patterson                 2008
  • Russell Marsden               2013
  • Steve Warren                    2017



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