Committee 2021 Please direct all enquiries to the relevant committee member. 
Position Name Phone Email
President Shane Hockings 0421 525 447
Vice President Emma Mackenzie
Secretary Kirsten Somerville
Treasurer Monika Hocroft
Assistant Treasurer VACANT    
Technical Director (All teams) Robert Galey
Registrar Michelle Clark
Assistant Registrar VACANT    
Draw Secretary Urszula Holding
Communications Officer Nathan Ciacchi 0431 390 135
Assistant Communications Officer Taylor Ciacchi
Small sided football Co-Ordinator Katherine Cox
Grading Coach VACANT
Assistant Grading Coach Craig Jones    
Assistant Grading Coach Callum Weir    
Promotions Officer Brent Tunney 0412 746 265
Equipment Officer Dean Harper 0410 688 409
Assistant Equipment Officer Mick Appleyard    
Socal Coordinator Taylor Ciacchi
General Committee Member Emily Cox    
General Committee Member      



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