Welcome to Season 2018

Last update 16/01/2018

The Bangor FC committee would like to welcome all players, and their families to the 2018 season.
2018 Registration Dates:
  • Senior Registrations (U21 and older) open on the3rd of January 2018.
  • Junior Registrations (U06 to U18) open 1st February 2018.
See below for information on the changes to junior registrations for this year.
Note - No registrations can be accepted after the 27th of May 2018.

The 2018 season will commence on Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th April 2018.
Competition matches (U12 and up) are played through the school holidays.

Registration Fees 2018
  • U6 to U9 $145 / player
  • U10 to U11 $160 / player
  • U12 to U16 $190 / player
  • U18 $205 / player
  • U21 & All Senior teams $310 / player
  • Full Time students turning 19 or above $260 / player
*Discounts apply to students and families with 3 or more playing members. Discounts will be processed by way of refund either via Electronic Funds Transfer or cash on presentation of receipts.
If there are any problems with online registration please contact If there are any problems with the payment of fees, please contact the President.

TEAM LISTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE FINALISED AND SUBMITTED TO THE CLUB REGISTRAR NO LATER THAN THE 17TH FEB 2018. Registrations and team allocations after the 21st Feb 2018 will be assessed on a player by player basis, note grading is controlled by the SSFA from this date and you may not be allocated to the same team you played with last year. 

Junior Registrations 2018 season

The NSW government has introduced an Active Kids Rebate Program that can be used by parents to obtain up to $100 discount on registration fees when they enroll their child in a formal sporting program. The rebate is obtained by registering your child at Service NSW website and obtaining a voucher code. This code can then be used to obtain a discount when registering for an approved sporting activity. For information about the program go to The program does not commence until 31 January 2018, which is why our junior registrations will be delayed until 1st February 2018, if a junior player tries to register prior to 1st Feb 2018 they will find no available “packages” to select. This will place severe time constraints on the registration process, so we ask that you review your player profile during January ( i.e. photo) and are ready to register as soon as you have obtained your voucher code.

Player Photos

All players U10 and above MUST have a current photo loaded into their MyFootballClub profile. The SSFA has advised that the following age groups are required to renew their MFC player photo this year:
  • ALL U10 Boys & Girls and W10 Girls.
  • ALL U14 Boys & W14 Girls.
  • ALL U18 Boys & W18 Girls.
  • ALL NEW players U10 and older.
  • ALL Returning Players whose photo is more than 3 years old.

If you have any difficulty uploading your photo, email it to along with your name and FFA number and it will be uploaded for you. Note Photos should be of a “passport” photo style with a plain background, NO GLASSES or HATs. The SSFA will not accept you into a team unless your photo has not been renewed as required.


Bangor FC have a new playing strip for the 2018 season. This includes a new playing jersey & black socks.

Jerseys for all junior players U6 to U21 will be supplied by Bangor FC in the team kit & jerseys need to be returned with the team kit at the end of the season as per usual.

Jerseys for all senior players will be supplied free of charge to existing Bangor FC registered players & players are asked to return their old jersey to get a new one. Any new 2018 registered senior team player will have to buy their jersey.

All players junior & senior will now have to change to black Bangor FC playing socks. Some players may already have the black playing socks from previous seasons or purchased these socks from the canteen in the last season.

Black socks must now be worn in all Bangor FC matches in 2018 & beyond.

The existing playing shorts for junior & senior teams will be phased out but still can be worn in matches & the new playing shorts will be available for purchase. The Bangor FC would ask all players to make the change to new playing shorts ASAP. Prices are below for the new gear roll out where applicable from the above.

Gear is available for sale at the grading days and also at Billa Rd & The Ridge canteens on match days.

  • Socks - $15/pair
  • Shorts (all sizes) - $30/pair
  • Set of shorts & socks - $40.
  • Shirts for senior teams are also available at $40 each.
For further information please contact the Equipment Officer or the Assistant Equipment Officer.

Working With Children Check

Working with children (WWC) application must be completed by all club officials and any coach or manager of a team that contains children 18 years and younger unless the Coach or Manager is themselves under the age of 18.

Please go to the website for further information on how to apply. Bangor FC requires a copy of your WWC registration copy & your date of birth once you have had your application form processed. This needs to be emailed to our club protection officer Hayley Warren for compliance prior to the start of the season.

Coaches & Managers

All teams will need a Coach & Manager. However for the U6 & U7 age groups, team numbers will be smaller (only 5 to 6 players per team), and whilst each team will need a manager, it may be beneficial to partner two teams for coaching and training purposes. Football NSW requires that all Coaches and Managers register on MFC for these roles (managers select “Volunteer”, Coaches select “Coach”, no fees applicable). You may be required to enter your Working With Children check number during the registration process. This is to allow you to be correctly associated with your team or teams.

Training normally occurs once a week for 1 hour. If you would be interested in coaching a team, in what is a rewarding experience please contact Enzo Sansone, Head Coach ( prior to the grading trials.

There will be two coaches and managers meetings held throughout the season. The first meeting will be held at Club Central Menai, on Monday 19th March 2018 at 7.30pm. It is vital that at least one representative from each team attend these meetings as important information is provided on all aspects of the season. It is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

Orientation Night

To assist all coaches and managers and provide information on what to do, where to go, what forms need to be filled out etc, an orientation session will be run on Wednesday 14th March 2018 at 7.00pm at Billa Rd Oval. This is particularly helpful for all new coaches and managers. 

Training Equipment

Coaches and/or managers can collect their training equipment on Wednesday 14th March 2018, between 6:30pm & 8.00pm at Billa Rd Oval.


The club again welcomes our sponsors this year and encourages all club members to give the club's sponsors the first call. The club will provide advertising space on its website, as well as other promotional opportunities. If interested please contact the Promotions Officer. 

We need referees for our Small Sided Football (SSF) matches. SSF referees must turn 13 or older this calendar year. If you are interested, please see the referee’s coordinator. In addition, we need volunteers (usually senior players, parents etc) to referee competition matches when no official referee is appointed. If you feel you can assist us please contact the referee’s coordinator. For anyone wishing to become a Black & White referee (must turn 14 before April 1), or if you want to become a club referee and want a refresher course on the rules, the Referees Association will assist us to run our own in house course if we get sufficient numbers. Please contact one of our referee’s coordinators if you are interested.

All club referees will be paid for the games they cover. Fee structure is as follows:
  • SSF Non competition matches (U6-U7) $10
  • SSF Non competition matches (U8-U9) $15
  • SSF Competition matches (U10-U11) $20
  • Junior matches (U12-U16) $25
  • Senior matches (U18 & above) $40 
Ground Duty

Throughout the season, teams will be rostered to do ground duty. This may involve ground set up/pack up, BBQ duty or acting as ground control. Teams rostered on will be advised at least a week in advance. Please make yourself available when your team is on duty. In most instances your team will only have duty twice in the season. This means we are only asking for a couple of hours of your time, perhaps less, on each occasion. Ground duty forms an essential part of the weekly running of the club. If a team cannot carry out their required duty, it could mean that particular team may not be allowed to play their match.

Ground Control/Managers

Each team will be provided a yellow Managers vest and an orange Ground control vest. It is important that these are worn and visible at all matches, referees are under instruction not to start matches unless both teams have provided people to fulfil these roles. The Ground Control role is to provide a point of contact for the referee if player assistance is required, spectators need to be moved back from the sideline, spectator crowd order is maintained and a point to contact to the Club Duty Committee Officer. 

Competition Team Set Up & Referees

Please be advised that if your team is playing the first or last game of the day at either The Ridge or Billa Road fields you may need to assist in setting up or taking down the playing equipment. This is normally covered by rostering teams for ground duty but we would ask that all teams be proactive in preparing your fields for games and packing up as everyone involved is a volunteer. This may include setting up nets, crowd control ropes, line marking, players benches, spectator seating, placing of garbage bins, BBQ setup and checking the field for “contamination” ( i.e. dog poo).

Please be aware at certain times in the season that our Bangor FC competition teams may not have a referee allocated to cover their game. It will then be up to your team or the away team to find a person to referee your game. Above is a pay scale where our Bangor FC will compensate an individual to referee an uncovered match. In these circumstances, if teams are unable to supply their own referee(s) then the game must be forfeited.

Committee & Volunteers

At the time of printing this information sheet, there is one committee position vacant – Referees Coordinator (Comp). A person with a refereeing background would be ideal. If you feel you may be able to assist in this position, please contact the President. The club is also looking for volunteers that may be able to assist committee members on ground control once or twice during the season, or when situations arise that require extra help with field set up, pack up or working on the BBQ, or in any other way that the club may need you in an emergency. If you are interested in assisting the club in this way, please contact a committee member.

Grading Dates

JUNIORS – (Please note that girls may play mixed up to and including U12)
NB: Please refer to the website for any changes due to weather.
U8 Boys & Girls 10th February 2pm – 3pm Billa Oval Bangor
U9 Boys & Girls 10th February 3.15pm – 4.15pm Billa Oval Bangor
U10 Boys & Girls 10th February 4.30pm – 5.30pm Billa Oval Bangor
U6 Boys & Girls 11th February 8.30am – 9.30am Billa Oval Bangor
U7 Boys & Girls 11th February 10.00am – 11.00am Billa Oval Bangor
U11 Boys & Girls 11th February 11.30am – 12.30pm Billa Oval Bangor
U12 Boys/Girls & U13 Boys 11th February 1.15pm – 2.15pm Billa Oval Bangor
U14 Boys & Girls 11th February 2.30pm – 3.15pm Billa Oval Bangor
U15 Boys & U16 Boys/Girls 11th February 3.30pm – 4.15pm Billa Oval Bangor
U18 & U21 Teams

There will be no grading or meeting of teams in these age groups. Coaches or Mangers of the U18 & U21 teams will need to email the Head Coach Enzo Sansone 0414 466 021 by the 11th February 2018 the following: 
  • The complete & final team lists with players first & last names & MFC numbers.
  • The coaches & managers names & contact details. 
  • Preferred training night & time.
  • Shin pads must be worn at all times for training.
  • Please bring a drink bottle.
  • Please turn up on time for the age group you are grading for. 
Notes on Grading
  • Players must be registered with the Bangor FC to play & grade on grading days.
  • Playing up one year older. Please let the Head Coach & Assistant Coach on grading days know before your son or daughter grade in a one year older age group. Please be aware that this will be at the discretion of the Head Coach if a player is accepted to play in a team up a year in age. If the Head Coach has not been advised about this on grading days then the player will remain in his or her correct age for grading. Please also be aware that there are physical risks of playing up an age year. Our Head Coach Enzo Sansone is a fully qualified professional soccer coach who will endeavor to get the best result for each player that attends the Bangor FC grading. This is a difficult task, made more difficult when players do not turn up to the grading days.
  •  If your son/daughter is unable to make these dates it is important that you let the Head Coach know beforehand. Players not attending may be excluded from teams.
  •  If there is any information that is relevant to the grading process please let the Head Coach know this prior to the grading date. It is highly unlikely that any changes can be made after teams are selected.
  • Whilst the club has a policy of attempting to meet requests to play with friends for U6 & U7, no absolute guarantees can be given as individual players abilities must be taken into consideration. The Club’s experience is that children will enjoy their football more if they play in a grade that is aligned to their ability. No one wins if a child is under or over graded.
  • For U8’s and above, teams will be selected based upon the matching of players’ abilities, although extenuating circumstances will be considered.
IMPORTANT: Players selected in there appropriate team grade/age is FINAL at the conclusion of the grading process. Under no circumstances is a parent to request their child moved to another team in a higher age group or grade. The only exemption of this is a parent can have their child move down a grade. This will need to be emailed for request to move a player and approved by the head coach. Head coach has the right to amend teams after the grading.

Coaches & Managers of U6 to U16 Teams

All teams must have a coach appointed. The Bangor FC ask all parents to consider & make the effort at grading to help make sure that a coach & manager is appointed on the day for their son or daughters team. The Bangor FC prefers a coach & manager to be appointed on the day of grading. With some teams existing coaches & managers may already be appointed & will continue on from the previous season.

Senior Team Men’s & Women’s

There will be no grading or meetings of teams. All Coaches & managers or designated players of senior All Age teams will need to email the President Rob Seguna ( by Sunday 11th February 2018 the following:
The complete & final team lists with players first & last names & MFC numbers.
  • The coaches & managers names & contact details.
  • Preferred training night & time.
Please include any grading requests as well for the new season.

Trial Games

Trial games are being arranged at present. It is possible that not all teams will get a trial game, however all efforts will be made to get at least one trial match for all teams. Under NO circumstances are trial games to be organized without going through Bangor FC Committee. Coaches and Managers will be informed as to any games that have been arranged for their teams.

Training Venue’s

Training cannot commence before Monday 19th March 2018
Teams U6 through to U11 & girls/women’s teams will train at Billa Road Oval. Boys/men’s teams U12 and above will train at The Ridge (No.1 & 2). Some exceptions to this may occur depending on field availability and training times.


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