Wet Weather

Monday to Friday:

During the week, the responsibility for ground closures lies with Sutherland Shire Council. 
The Sutherland Shire Council runs a wet weather line 02 9710 0105 that confirms if the grounds are open or closed. This line is updated by 10 am each morning. If you are unsure about ground closures, please call this number to check.
When grounds are closed for training during the week Bangor FC will communicate this to each player/parent via SMS. 

Please note: The club will sustain heavy fines from the council if a team is caught training whilst the grounds are closed. 

Weekends Games:

On a weekend the responsibility for ground closures lies with our association SSFA. The SSFA’s process to determine if grounds are to be closed is handled by asking each club to report on the state of their grounds to SSFA by 7 am on Saturday morning. If enough grounds are unplayable, the SSFA will declare a washout, close all grounds and cancel play across all clubs for the day. The SSFA will communicate the washout to each club and in turn, Bangor FC will communicate this to each player/parent via SMS.

Unless you are advised by the club of a washout you should assume that all games are going ahead as planned. For this communication process to work it is important that each player/parents recorded mobile phone number is correct. Check with your team manager to ensure the club has your correct mobile number in its records. 

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