ID Sheets replacing player cards this season

28 Mar 2019

Applies to competition teams U12 and above

For competition teams U12 and above, for the duration of 2019 season it has been decided that the SSFA will use team ID sheets in lieu of player ID Cards for all competition matches.
Coaches and managers of teams U12 and above MUST pick up their team ID sheet this Saturday morning (30 March) from 8:00am at the Ridge Clubhouse prior to playing. ID sheets will be located in team pigeon holes.  

2019 ID Sheets and the rules for use

1 – In your possession are 3 original sets of ID sheets for your team. These sheets are to be made available to the opposing team manager for viewing prior to the commencement of a match. You have been given 3 sets to accommodate times when you are loaning players to other teams.
2 – Only players listed on the ID sheets can participate in a match.
3 – If you are loaning a player to another team, the manager of that team must be given 1 of your ID sheets for identification for that match. It must be returned to you at the completion.
4 – If you are borrowing a player, you will need the ID sheet for their team. You will need to return the ID sheet to that team’s manager at the conclusion of the match.
5 – Any changes to the team complement will require all 3 sheets to be returned to the SSFA in exchange for three new ID sheets.
Note: Do not forget to add borrowed players to the team sheet. Failure to do so could mean forfeiture of the match.

Where a player has been sent from the field by a referee for a send off offence, the team manager shall produce the appropriate Team ID Sheet if required by the referee, and show this to the referee at the conclusion of the match. Failure to do so will result in a fine and in addition, may result in the matter being referred to the Judicial Committee.
The SSFA will maintain a record of players that have been sent off and the suspension that has been applied. The SSFA will send a copy of this Suspension report, on a weekly basis, to all clubs. In addition, a player’s name will be ‘crossed out’ on the Match Sheet
Note that the Team ID Sheets will not need to be returned and will not be altered to reflect a players suspension. The onus will be on the player and the team/ club to manage.
The responsibility lies with the club/ team to ensure a suspended player is crossed off the match sheet and does not participate in a match whilst they are suspended.

 Please click here to view temporary By-Laws for any further clarification on the requirements.


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