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Registrations Discounts

7 Feb 2018

Bangor FC prides itself on being a family orientated club and as such we offer registration discounts to full time mature age students and families with multiple players.

Student Discount

Age groups that student discounts apply to are U/W21, All Age and Women’s Senior. These discounts are available at the time of registration using the PlayFootBall web site.
Family Discount
Family discounts apply to the 3rd and subsequent registration for members of the same family residing at the same address. The discount applied as follows:
  • Highest value family member – no discount.
  • 2nd Highest value family member – no discount.
  • 3rd Highest value family member – 50% discount.
  • 4th and subsequent family member – 100% discount.
Discounts are actioned by means of a refund of registration fees to the value of the discount.
Please contact the club Registrar to avail yourself of a family discount: BangorFCRegistrar@gmail.com

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